The Hidden Problems of D.I.Y Carpet Cleaning!


The Hidden Problems of D.I.Y Carpet Cleaning!

and how it can be very disappointing

Face it…we all love the look & smell of freshly cleaned carpets, because it makes you feel better and your guest welcome.(Dad this one is for you!!!)  Cleaning them yourself may have been something you have done or thought about before – afterall there are lots of advertisements saying how you can rent or buy ‘professional’ cleaning machines and the results are really good. You may think, I’ll get them done on the weekend and save some money too!

So…….. off you go to your local store and purchase/rent a machine with detergents, and you get them home, and ready to clean! After a few hours out of the day filling up, emptying etc – will you be impressed with the end results?

Well……The real answer is more than likely NOT, but why do you say? It’s really quite simple….so here is a little education based on facts, but “hey who are we” lol….

So…… What Are The Hidden Problems?
I will list them – and if you have used one before, you may notice one of them – or even all of them.

1)   POOR RESULTS – due to lack of power from those machines
2)   EXTREMELEY WET CARPETS- causing smells
3)   MOULD BUILD UP – due to incorrect cleaning attempts
5)   BROWNING OR DISCOLORATION – caused by overwetting
6)   SHRINKAGE- caused by excessive moisture
7)   RAPID RE-SOILING – caused by high residue content of detergent left behind

These are genuine problems that arise because of these machines. We had a client contact us recently who had  experienced one of the exact same problems and explained to me that it was a waste of time & money BUYING one of these machines, as it now sits in her garage, it will never be used again.

So, the idea of saving a few dollars now…….could it actually cost you more down the road? Yes it could,, and you have been warned.

Albert T.

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