Carpet Cleaning FAQs

Carpet Cleaning FAQ’s

Some carpets do hide soil more than others. It does not mean there is no soil to be removed. All soil, whether hidden or not, acts an abrasive. It can result in early wear, loss of fiber protection, and even some loss of color.

Dust and dirt settle onto carpets every day. You may not see it but when you vacuum you are sucking all this up. If these dirt and dust particles are left sitting, they will work their way into deeper parts of carpet fibers. Any moisture in the air will dampen the dust and dirt causing them to stick to the fibers and become part of the carpet. When you do run a vacuum over your carpet, these particles are harder to remove. So, regular vacuuming is very important. Carpets should be vacuumed at least once a week. Yes, we are busy and it seems impossible to squeeze this into our schedules. But it is vital to maintaining the value of our investment. Of course even with regular vacuuming, carpets cannot be kept as shiny and new as they were when we first got them. Dirt and dust are always going to make their way inside. A regular steam cleaning will keep them from accumulating and getting so far into the carpet that they canʼt be removed. Cleaning every 6-12 months is recommended.

Check your paperwork. Carpet manufacturers recommend having your carpets cleaned by a trained and qualified professional every 12 to 18 months. Call the manufacturer, not the retailer, they will refer to an IICRC Certified Firm, such as Complete Carpet & Tile Care. The problem many consumers face is the fact that many companies use a high-residual detergent that remains in the carpet long after they leave, and it continues to attract soil, causing your carpets to get dirty fast.

Many carpet cleaning companies use Hot-Water Extraction (Steam-Cleaning). Steam-Cleaning is the preferred choice that Complete Carpet & Tile Care chooses because of the thoroughness of the method, only when done properly. It is recommended by the leading carpet manufacturers. On the other hand, untrained and uneducated carpet cleaners can over-wet your carpet creating a variety of problems for you. According to IICRC Standards, carpets should be fully dry within 24 hours.

Most of the residential installation of carpet these days are stain resist. But no carpet is ever “stain-proof”, but added carpet protectants, when properly applied, will enhance stain resistance to accidental spills and spots. It will also help remove more dry soil during vacuuming.

Never select a carpet cleaning company solely based on price. Carpet cleaning is not as cheap as some would like for you to think. Their technique is to advertise a low price to get you to call them, so they can push their low quality, ineffective goods at higher prices than what the real professionals charge. Thorough carpet cleaning is not cheap, but it will extend the useful life of your investment and care for your carpeting in a way that will save you money in the long run.