Indoor Air Quality at Home

Indoor Air Quality at Home   There is a perception that carpet is a poor choice for maintaining good air quality. In fact, the opposite is true. The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) has conducted scientific research and gathered independent data that show carpet is not only a viable flooring choice, it’s the best choice. What You Should Know •New carpet is one of the lowest-emitting products used in new construction and renovation – much lower than products such as paint. The already [...]

Benefits Of Cold Versus Hot Water Carpet Cleaning

The professional carpet cleaning industry is invariably struggling with the issue of whether to clean carpets with cold or hot water. While there are pluses and minuses supporting both methods, in the long run, it appears that hot water wins out if the goal is faster and more effective least according to the Department of Physics at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign campus. In a question and answer format, volunteers from the Department of Physics answered the following questions: Question: Aren't [...]


Area Rug Cleaning – Onsite vs. Inplant

When you decide to have your area rug cleaned, there are a few things to consider after choosing a reputable and experienced carpet cleaning company. Whether you own an Wool,Oriental, Persian, antique, heirloom or standard area rug, first, be sure the professional you choose is experienced in cleaning that type of rug. Many of the higher end rugs do require special care, for example, if they are antique. As a company that utilizes steam cleaning, Complete Carpet & Tile Care offers [...]


The Hidden Problems of D.I.Y Carpet Cleaning!

and how it can be very disappointing Face it…we all love the look & smell of freshly cleaned carpets, because it makes you feel better and your guest welcome.(Dad this one is for you!!!)  Cleaning them yourself may have been something you have done or thought about before – afterall there are lots of advertisements saying how you can rent or buy ‘professional’ cleaning machines and the results are really good. You may think, I’ll get them done on the weekend and save [...]