Area Rug Cleaning – Onsite vs. Inplant


Area Rug Cleaning – Onsite vs. Inplant

When you decide to have your area rug cleaned, there are a few things to consider after choosing a reputable and experienced carpet cleaning company.

Whether you own an Wool,Oriental, Persian, antique, heirloom or standard area rug, first, be sure the professional you choose is experienced in cleaning that type of rug. Many of the higher end rugs do require special care, for example, if they are antique.

As a company that utilizes steam cleaning, Complete Carpet & Tile Care offers our clients 2 options depending, of course, on the situation and rug itself. On-location cleaning can be done at your home and is less expensive. The other option is to have the rug cleaned at a plant, and yes, it is more expensive. There are benefits and drawbacks for both options. On-location cleaning is less expensive but cannot duplicate the results from cleaning at a plant. In a plant, we are able to clean the rugs more thoroughly. Not only is the top portion of the rug cleaned, but the underside as well.

I do recommend that if you have an heirloom or antique rug, it should only be cleaned by a professional that has experience in caring for those types of rugs. Older area rugs must be treated with great care when they are cleaned so that they are not damaged, faded, or de-valued in any way.

The same is true for repairs. Either way you decide to go, on-location cleaning or in-plant cleaning, there is no more important step than the first… choosing a professional that has the education and experience required to properly clean and care for these types of rugs. Give Complete Carpet & Tile Care a call today for a free estimate on your rug!


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